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Can historical masterpieces converted into NFTs create new paradigms in art and new marketplaces

What is APENFT

  • APENFT was born with the mission to register world-class artworks as NFTs on the blockchain ( on March 29, 2021)
  • Building a bridge between renowned artists and the blockchain, while nurturing the growth of native crypto artists in the NFT space
  • Objective is to transform art pieces, which once was…

Innovation in “on chain” capability is changing the paradigm when it comes to generating royalties for NFTs on Ethereum

NFTs are changing the way we understand ownership on the internet. Community managed ownership has a ton of benefits, but what happens when a creator wants earnings in perpetuity for his/her creation?

In other words, wants to earn royalties to retire in the sun and sand of the Bahamas.

The combination of EIP-1559 and the corresponding move toward a proof-of-stake model would represent a “triple halving” for Ethereum

So exactly, what is Ethereum halving?

At the heart of this question are three fundamental pillars

  • Cost of energy consumption to mine coins
  • Inflation and value of coin
  • The relationship of “proof of work” and “ proof of stake” to the above two

So let’s dive in for an…

Jennifer Connely’s virtuoso performance

Review in Haiku:


Haunting and yet beautiful.

She makes you breathe in the surreal through her passion and in her pain

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